Hiroshima Philosophy Café “What is it to feel safe?” | Cafe Philo カフェフィロ

Hiroshima Philosophy Café “What is it to feel safe?” | Cafe Philo カフェフィロ


Hiroshima Philosophy Café “What is it to feel safe?”


○Date: 2017/9/10 (sun) 3pm-5pm

○Place: Social Book Café Hachidori-sha (3 mins from Peace Memorial Park)

広島市中区土橋町2-43-2F (2-43-2F, Dobashi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-shi,  Hiroshima-ken 730-0854 Japan)
○Topic of the Day: “What is it to feel safe?”

One of the most important condition for our lives is to not be frightened, for your own and your family’s life, wellness and properties. Regardless of the institutions and systems in place to protect your safety, lots of people, including children, suffer from poverty, disease and violence at home and outside. Are you blessed with safety? When do you feel “safe”? 

○Facilitator: Narifumi NAKAOKA (Philosophical Counseling Oncolo)
The dialogue facilitator is Narifumi NAKAOKA, with many years experience in philosophical dialogue facilitation, including ground-breaking dialogues between Japanese and American high school students in Iwakuni’s U.S base.

○Language: Primarily English
○Charge: 1,000 YEN (including a drink)
○How to RSVP: Email to; hirophilocafe@gmail.com / FB page message
○Capacity: 10 people

++What is “Philosophy Café”?
It is a way to enjoy questioning and exploring our subconscious beliefs, stereotypes, ideas and assumptions, not in the form of an argument, rather by listening to and questioning opposing opinions. In the “Hiroshima Philosophy Café”, people living in Hiroshima and tourists from a variety of countries enjoy a dialogue in English. In the spirit of peace and sharing we invite you to join us for a 2 hour dialogue experience in Hiroshima.

Additional notes:
1) Please keep your RSVP as up-to-date as possible, even if it is on the day of the gathering.
2) Please try to be on time.


開催日 2017年9月10日(日) 時間 15:00~17:00
イベント種別 哲学カフェ 開催者 パートナー主催ほか
会場 Social Book Cafe ハチドリ舎
会場所在地 〒 広島県 広島市中区土橋町2 -43
参加お問い合わせ hirophilocafe@gmail.com
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